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on the lookout: popsicles 08.03.2011


Well, I’ve lost count of how many days in a row the thermometer has read 100-plus here in the midwest. It’s pretty sweltering out and you know what that means…POPSICLES! Morgan and I were just chatting the other day about how our moms both made homemade popsicles for us back in the day and clearly, we will need to continue that tradition with our boys. The molds are so clever now…a little different than the tupperware versions from when we were kids.
Links: Martha Stewart’s Striped Ice Pops and Fruit Salad Ice Pops,  Tovolo freezer jewel pops mold, Ice Pop Joy book, Tovolo Ice cream pop mold, Pops: Icy Treats for Everyone book

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baby & kids: Kid Made Modern book 08.02.2011


My friend, Melissa, shared this book with me a long time ago (she’s one of those people that always knows about cool stuff before anyone else-and happens to be an awesomely creative mom), I always listen up when she is sharing something! So, I’ve kind of kept it in my back pocket for when I have a kid at an age to actually start doing some of this fun stuff!! Don’t you just feel like a fun  and crafty parent by just looking at the these cool projects? Kid Made Modern features projects inspired by mid-century artists like Charles & Ray Eames, Alexander Girard, Georgie Nelson, and Paul Rand! Need I say more?
Check out the Kid Made Modern site and do a little exploring for yourself!

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print & pattern: angela adams 08.02.2011


We suppose now would be an appropriate time to admit that we are obsessed with Angela Adams and she pretty much leads our dream life! Seriously. She is an insanely talented surface pattern designer with lines of stationery, home accessories including rugs, bedding, wall art, platters, glassware, and even furniture! Did we mention dream life? Ok good.  Well, no surprise at all, she has released yet another amazing collection called Happiland which is described as, “an optimistic, narrative made of bright colors, patterns and shapes inspired by Angela’s abstract paintings of the natural world.” We think we’d like to live in Happiland. Go check out the entire line!

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