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ANNOUNCING Field Trip: A pattern & illustration event! 04.27.2016


We are SOOOOO EXCITED to announce that we are co-hosting a new licensing event called Field Trip in New York on Monday, May 16th. Field Trip was conceived by a small, but diverse group of artists. Our aim is to create a lively environment where clients may purchase or license new artwork and discuss collaborations. This event is happening at the same time as Surtex/NSS/ICFF, so it will be easy to take a  field trip around the corner to see us!

Field Trip will be held on Monday, May 16, from 2:30-7:30pm, at a gorgeous loft space in the garment district and will have a fun, casual feel with cocktails and nibbles.

Artists include:

Victoria Johnson 

If you are interested in collaborating, we would love for you to stop by so we can meet you! It’s invite-only, so please visit the to request an invitation or let us know if you think you’ll be able to join us and we’ll put you on the guest list.

Happy Habitat + Ampersand Design Studio #SUPERRADCOLLAB 04.14.2016


We can’t wait any longer to share this SUPER RAD COLLABORATION!!! We teamed up with our cool friend, Karrie, of Happy Habitat and designed three brand new bright, happy, modern throw blankets!! Basically, Happy Habitat and Ampersand Design Studio got together and made babies and we are introducing them to the world today!

Oh, and they are all made with recycled cotton so you can feel especially great about bringing them into your home! We hope you love them as much as we do!!! #SUPERRADCOLLAB

All three are live in our shop now! Brushstrokes,  Block Stripe, & Scribbles!

Ampersand Scribbles Throw_blog

Ampersand Scribbles_blog

Ampersand Brushstrokes_blog

Wanna know all the little details? Sure you do! Here you go:

Full-sized eco throws are big enough for one blanket hog, two adults who really like each other, or a mom and two kiddos who truly have no sense of personal space.

They look generous draped across the end of a bed or the back of a couch. I have a stack folded on a shelf in my living room as décor, locked and loaded for snuggle time.

  • 50 x 60 inches
  • 80% Recycled Cotton/20% Acrylic
  • Made in the USA
  • Machine Wash & Dry


Recycled cotton is created from pre-consumer fibers and clippings that are collected after the cut and sew process. So new pieces that would otherwise be discarded get a second life.

Environmental benefits to using recycled cotton are:

  • Reduction in incinerator and landfull use, but reprocessing pre-consumer textile waste.
  • Recycled cotton fibers for yarn spinning require no new dyeing, saving water and adding no new pollutants.
  • The simplified manufacturing process reduces energy and resource use.
  • Recycled cotton requires no land use, intensive water irrigation, and no new fertliziers or pesticides.

carrie’s daughter’s gallery wall with 02.19.2016


You got to see Morgan’s beautiful living room make-over a few days ago and now it’s Carrie here to share my daughter, Sydney’s, room which was so long overdue for a little attention. She inherited her big brother’s room when she was born, and it basically didn’t change for the first year. She didn’t seem to mind much that things were feeling a little stale, but I was ready to mix it up for her. So, several months ago, we painted over the neutral light turquoise walls with white and pink. At this point, we hit the breaks again and nothing went back on the walls. That’s when minted came to the rescue! I decided it would be fun to give her a gallery wall of cheerful art. I picked things I thought she would get a kick out of, including animals, which she loves.

I love minted because they have a beautiful collection of children’s art, much of which can be customized. I personalized the Little Bear and Red Bird illustration with Syd’s name and the I Love You So Print with her name and birthdate. It was so easy to find pieces that felt appropriate for a toddler’s room, but were modern and could grow with her. I didn’t limit my search to the children’s art; I included a few pieces from the Limited Edition Collection, too. Basically, my problem was editing down my choices (as you can see, I still chose eleven pieces so I couldn’t force myself to edit too much). I love that these pieces will encourage and inspire Sydney for years to come. MINTED_ART_PICKS_carrie

1 // Sliced Citrus by Kristie Kern, 2 // Sweet Chaos by Michelee Scott, 3 // Inquisitive Cardinal by Juniper Briggs, 4 // Baby Animal.giraffe by Cass Loh, 5 // Star Gazers by Maria Gromek, 6 // Little Bear and Red Bird by iamtonya, 7 // Heirloom Apple by Alexandra Stafford, 8 // Gesture by Kelly Ventura, 9 // Zebra From Above by Mary Ann Glynn 10 // I Love You So by Kelly Ventura 11 // Fragment 2 by Hooray Creative


I’m of the opinion that, when creating a gallery wall, it’s a fine strategy to just put together things you love and let that be the theme for it. I wanted a mix of photographic pieces and illustration, and lots of color, balanced by a bit of black and white. I was loving the idea of mixing the types of frames also and I am obsessed with the frame choices minted offers. I used so many of them and I personally love the combination of their gorgeous metallic frames (I used the matte copper, brushed silver, and matte bronze) plus a few of the whitewashed styles and white wood. They are beautiful in person… so, so good!



I wanted to add a few little pieces I made for her in the mix so I created a simple heart with a piece of gold glitter scrapbooking paper and cut it to the size of a heart-shaped board I found at a craft store. Then, I made the letter S with a cardboard form (also from a craft store) that I painted black and then added a white brushy pattern. The weaving is from Bourbon + Gin, one of my favorite Etsy shops! Everything they make is beautiful. I love how the metallic frames work with Syd’s curtains and curtain rods. Can’t have too much metallic, I figure.


I think she likes it! Thanks, minted for making her one happy little gal and for making it so easy to find amazing art, not to mention supporting independent artists!

Photos by the very talented Kyndall Durkee

Morgan’s Living Room Update with 02.17.2016


Hey everyone, Morgan here, and today, I’m revealing a desperately needed update to my living room! I swear, five years ago, we moved into our house, put the old furniture in the living room, leaned a few older pieces of art against the wall and then it just stayed like that…until now! I had no idea how badly we needed an update until I really starting taking a look at what was in the room. The art, or lack thereof, was what bothered me the most. We have a really great gallery wall in the dining room, but the poor living room, seemed to just get the leftovers. So, thanks to the truly unique selection of art at, I found so many pieces that really spoke to me. For someone that feels like it’s so important to surround yourself with things that you love, it’s sort of embarrassing to think how long I left everything the way it was. The art in your home should speak to you, reflect you and also continuously inspire you.

I scoured the vast selection of art on and seriously had such a hard time narrowing down my favorites. There are SO. MANY. AMAZING. PIECES! There’s limited edition fine art, typography art, photography and even foil-pressed options! AmperandforMinted_MorgansLivingRoom_2

I slowly narrowed things down to my top 8 favorite pieces. Too bad I couldn’t fit them all!  1 // Screens 18 by Nezha Chan, 2 // Do It Anyway 2 by Kristi kohut – HAPI ART AND PATTERN, 3 // Sable Song by Juniper Briggs, 4 // Connection No. 3 by Kelly Ventura, 5 // Sometimes I Wish Beginnings Were Ends by Jaime Derringer, 6 // Visionary 2 by trbdesign, 7 // Untitled 1 by Jaime Derringer, 8 // Great with Agate No 1 by Kristi Kohut – HAPI ART AND PATTERN


And here is where I landed!!! As you know, I LOVE color. I do. But sometimes, for my home, I like things to be a little more neutral. Plus, as my husband can attest, I also tend to change things out from time to time, so a pair of black and white pieces seemed like the perfect solution to go above this credenza! I went with Untitled 1 by Jaime Derringer and Visionary 2 by trbdesign. I seriously couldn’t be happier with these! And do you see those frames? Minted just released a whole range of metallic frames which are to die for! I went with the matte brass and it’s beautiful in person!! But check them all out because there is also matte copper, champagne silver, and brushed silver!


AmperandforMinted_MorgansLivingRoom_5For the mantle, I had previously just had a large mirror up there so this huge hit of art is such a welcome change! This piece,  Sometimes I Wish Beginnings Were Ends by Jaime Derringer, had caught my eye from the first time I scanned through the minted art and I couldn’t stop thinking about it ever since. The simplicity of layout mixed with the detail in each one of the forms makes it endlessly interesting to look at everyday. I chose the champagne silver frame for this. Totally loving the mix of metallics going on here. Seriously, photos don’t even do it justice. But, I can’t explain how happy this piece makes me!

AmperandforMinted_MorgansLivingRoom_6So, here we are! Living room update complete! Oh, I should mention that my fireplace also used to be brown, iridescent, crackle tile (yes, you read that right) that was just not working for me. We painted that white (whew) and with the addition of this, most perfect, white, mid century inspired credenza, it feels like such a bright, modern place to call home!

And I couldn’t help but throw in a close-up of my youngest son, Lennon, and I, just loving life in here :)


Huge thanks to for connecting with the best independent artists for truly unique art and putting it all in one place for us. It’s just too perfect!

All photos by the awesome Kyndall Durkee

ANNOUNCING: Ampersand for HMK! 07.10.2015

We have some HUGE news to share today that has been so hard to keep to ourselves! Finally, we get to announce our gift collection for HMK!!!! HMK is a new Hallmark Cards experience with stores in Kansas City, Missouri, Denver, Colorado and Southlake, Texas. It’s a card, gift and accessory shop with a really unique product mix that brings together innovative tools and technologies with a fun and reimagined approach to shopping! Plus, they are highlighting makers in a unique way and have formed some really cool partnerships. We are just thrilled that we get to be one of them!!!

We’ve got two gift collections, one with crazy fun color…


And another that is black, white and gold! So we’ve got your covered for whatever mood you’re in!


This collaboration is especially fun for us because Hallmark Cards is where both of us got our first jobs right out of design school! So, as you might imagine, taking the leap to start our own company was a BIG (scary) decision and having our little company now partnering with HMK makes us feel like we have come full circle! So, for all of our Kansas City friends, please make sure you stop by the HMK 1910 store on the Country Club Plaza for all these fun goodies!

If you pick up anything, make sure to show us what you got! Tag @ampersandstudio on instagram and twitter and use #AmpersandforHMK!

Oh and PS…there’s even more to come soon!!!