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8 days a week: thank you to jordan clark 03.21.2014

We are so happy to introduce you to Jordan Clark, the owner of ScatterBrained collars. Jordan makes the most amazing and fun pet accessories that we’ve ever seen. She does bow ties collars like the one below, fabric flower collars, leashes and so much more! You have to check them out here! Jordan made the adorable bow tie along with a (human) headband :) and two pillows! Biggest thanks to Jordan for volunteering your time and sharing your darling collar set with us and for being so versatile in your sewing. She can do it all! Plus, her company was born from her love of animals and she works with her local shelters and rescues in her home state of Mississippi! What’s not to love about that?! Thanks, Jordan!

  1. Dana

    Hi! I love this fabric line! I bought a bunch to make my daughter a birthday pillow with the calendar panel but there are no zeros on the number print! Have I lost my mind or are they really none? I’ll happily find other uses for the prints :) I see a big full skirt with the month names print.

    May 16, 2014 7:14 pm

loving: mascot 04.25.2011


We just learned about this awesome company and had to share! Mascot carries all kinds of fun things for the pups in your life: collars, leads, accessories, apparel and toys that are so cool, you wouldn’t even mind them becoming a staple on your living room floor. All products are designed in house and tested on the owner’s own “mascots”! Check them out:

one comment

  1. Maren

    >I love this company! I bought my vizsla the green braided collar and we constantly get people asking where they can get one. It has also held up amazingly on my crazy dog for more than a couple years.

    April 25, 2011 11:23 pm