AIGA homegrown Kansas city // Fashion

{disclaimer: we just realized this post from months ago was saved in our drafts and never published, so publishing now}

We just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to the Kansas City AIGA chapter, especially Taylor Pruitt for organizing this awesome Homegrown event!!!

Just as we mentioned before, we were beyond flattered to be in the company that we were in--such an inspiring group of speakers (see full list here)! So we wanted to share just a few shots from the event for those of you that missed it!

This was our first time in the River Market Event Space--amazing!!! We highly recommend it!

(Morgan's outfit)

So we had a packed house...can you say, nervous? eeks.

But the talk went great, other than our microphones making that super awful sound when they get too close to each other. That's never fun.

And, one thing we were happily surprised about, was the warm welcome for our little mini-shop set up in the back of the event space. We had a chance to catch up with some old friends and meet so many new friends in the city!!

{i mean, this cutie HAD to own our neon yellow ampersand print, right? it was meant for her!}

It always means so much more to meet the people that we are selling our art to! Just makes us want to have a bricks & mortar shop one day! Look how freaking amazing our customers were!

Now, since we are actually publishing this post SO late, we cannot find the names of our darling customers, so if one of these is you, please give us a shout! :)