Ampersand feature: 20 best twenty


We are so proud to announce that today marks the launch of a couple of our products on 20 Best Twenty! 20 Best Twenty is a really unique site that highlights 20 new designs in 20 unique categories every two months! Their entire mission is to search locally and internationally for independent designers and boutiques to find the coolest, undiscovered products. It started out as a personal mission and then they decided, hey, why not share what we find? So....20 Best Twenty was born and we have to say, we're proud to be a part of it!! The image above is from their blog welcoming all the new September items (including us)! So, check us out in the "little ones" category and the "table top" category...but make sure to cruise around on there, because there are tons of fun things to see! Thanks for sharing in our excitement :)