Ampersand for Command // DIY Mixed-Media Garland

We love a good garland, and wanted to create one for our Sugarplum scene, but we wanted to do something we hadn’t seen before. This led to us combining all kinds of materials for a wall of different textures, colors and lusters draped in layers.We put a new twist on the awesome Command™ Party Banner Anchors and used them in layers to create this look. We used chunky yarn and even braided some with sequins for a surprising combo, cut paper and attached it to fishing line, and for our most unconventional component, we threw in some mylar strips from those shiny fringed door curtains you can get at party supply stores. We love the way it turned out because it works great as a photo backdrop or just a conversation piece for people as they refill their glasses. Head over to for the full DIY!