Ampersand for Red Dirt Shop

We are so excited to announce this exciting partnership with Red Dirt Shop!

We couldn't be more proud to be a small part of the good that Red Dirt Shop is doing in the world. They are a Kansas City company, run by two women (our favorite kind of business, of course) making a HUGE impact through their partnership with

Be sure to click here to read and get inspired by their mission! Here's just a little snippet of what they're about:

"Access to clean water not only keeps everyone healthier, but the time saved not collecting water allows women to have income producing jobs, and girls to stay in school. You know what that does? Disrupts the cycle of poverty.

We believe that choosing products from social impact companies sparks exponential change that individuals couldn't achieve alone. A portion of each Red Dirt sale is given to help build wells in countries like Ethiopia, India, Haiti and Uganda. Every five cases sold gives one person clean water for life. It’s goods for good and it’s how Red Dirt partners with YOU to change the world!"

Can you see why were are humbled to be a part of something so great?! So, head straight there and pick up our limited-edition iPhone case right now and feel good about the impact you'll make on someone's life!