Ampersand has a new home!!

yep! it's true! we have gotten quite used to hopping around to all of our favorite coffee shops in the city, but it was high time to find a real space to work. You know, a space where we might not get nasty glares for taking up the table for a full work day. ha! Just recently, we ran into Tyler Wirken of Wirken Photography, an old friend and also the insanely talented photographer for both of our weddings, who mentioned he had open space in his studio!!! (GAH!) We had this same discussion with Tyler and his awesome wife, Pam, years back but we weren't quite ready, so it just seems serendipitous that we have come full circle and now have a happy new home within W | Studio! Another local photographer, Jason Dominiques shares the space,, can we just say, that we couldn't be more thrilled that our new home is already filled with such great creative talent from Kansas City!

Sharing a studio with old friends & new friends, surrounded by great talent, big huge windows and being close to home — needless to say, we couldn't be happier! Thanks for letting us join in on the good times, W | Studio!!!

If you're in the area, stop by and say hi!