baby & kids: 1st birthday

I'm excited to share some images of my sweet little guy's first birthday party a few weeks ago!! It was such a perfect day with gorgeous summery weather. You don't get to be outside for a March birthday every year in Kansas, that's for sure. We didn't really have a theme for his celebration, per se. I just thought, for this first year, a true "classic" look would be fun with bright balloons, confetti and a rainbow of colors. Emmett was a little slow to warm up to the whole cake thing, but did finally have some fun tearing up his cupcake and clapping with frosting all over his hands. He really didn't consume much of though which is fine with me because I kind of love that he's a mostly "sugar-free" guy up 'til this point. I think he had a pretty good time and seemed to understand somewhat that he was in the limelight (although I'm sure he didn't really know what all the fuss was about). It's been such an amazing year with our little man and we were so happy to celebrate him on his big day!