baby & kids: Shaw's 1st Birthday party


Since we decided to share a little more of what's going on in our personal lives on the blog, I just couldn't help but share some photos of my son, Shaw's, 1st birthday celebration from a couple of weeks ago! Our "little monster" probably had no idea that the entire day was centered around him, but it seemed like he had a great time....other than the cake part, that is. Apparently, he was not a fan of everyone standing around singing to him and then being coerced into tasting cake. We hadn't really given him any sugar until this point, so I envisioned him falling in instant love with cake (he is my son after all), but that was not the case at all! In fact, he looked sort of terrified of it. So, we quickly moved him away from the monster cake and back to playing with his buddies and all was good again. Whew!
I found so many fun ideas for his little party on pinterest, so I just wanted to share some of my inspiration! So fun to see everyone else's brilliant ideas and then put your own spin on it! So, how do you like my first birthday cake for my son? I was a little scared to tackle it. I had lots of help from my mom who is a master-baker! I found the cake idea here and instead of cake balls for the eyes (which I attempted and it was a total disaster), I used marshmallows! I had seen the idea for the high chair decoration years ago and just thought it was so amazing and fun! I've pinned it here on pinterest for you all to see, too! And...thankfully, there are some other crazy parents out there throwing monster parties, and I found this game idea!