Ampersand Design Studio for Chatbooks 2017

We're so excited to announce another new partnership - Chatbooks! We've personally loved making Chatbooks for our own families for years, so when we had the opportunity to design limited edition custom covers, we were thrilled!

We couldn't have said it better ourselves, making photo books SUCKS. (To the moms out there, you've got to watch this hilarious video for a good laugh!) Finding the time or motivation to make it happen is nearly impossible. And then the formatting - oh so painful, even for us!

Enter: Chatbooks. It's like a magazine subscription for your own life! They take your Instagram photos and automatically create your book. You can't beat the price point! If you aren't into the automatic instagram book, you can always load your choice of photos from your phone, or pick from your favorites to make a custom book!

And while we do love the simplicity and clean look of the original covers, the new custom covers are SO. MUCH. FUN! They make our coffee tables and bookshelves so happy!

Ampersand for Chatbooks - This is Us

The format options are great too - big, small, hard cover, soft cover - you choose! The quality on all of them are tip top! They just feel so good in your hands, you'll want to show them off to everyone!

Ampersand Design Studio for Chatbooks 2017

We're loving our company too! Chatbooks has partnered with lots of great artists, like Kelly Ventura and Kate Pugsley. All these fun covers have us wanting to make ALL the photo books!