DIY: gumball necklace

We are thrilled to be introducing a new DIY series today coming to you from our dear friend, Laura, of Laura Parke. You might remember when we introduced you to Laura back in January. She has been busily creating amazing craft projects galore since then and sharing her talent and style on her blog and around the interwebs and now we get to host her every month! How lucky are we?!?! We just love Laura to bits and think you will too after you see what she's come up with for her debut project for Ampersand. A grown-up candy necklace! Gorgeous and edible. Here's Laura:

Remember the candy necklaces of our youth where the elastic string would get soggy from hours of sucking on that chalky candy that we all loved? Well here's an updated version that can easily serve as a fashion statement while keeping your taste buds satisfied.

- 24" string or cord (similar here: )
- gumballs (i used ones from crystal temptations because the colors were so amazing)
- large sewing needle
- power drill
- 1/16" drill bit

STEP ONE: Using the power drill make a hole in the gumball. To get cleaner holes, don't push the drill bit all the way through to the other side of the gumball. Instead, make the second hole directly across from the first one so they match up. Drill holes in all of the gumballs that you want on your necklace.

Using the drill bit without it turning, you can make sure that the holes are directly across from one another, shown below.STEP TWO: Thread your needle and string the gumballs onto the necklace.
STEP THREE: Tie the ends together into a knot and you're finished!
That's it! Helpful hint...don't wear this necklace in the rain as the colors will rub off when wet.