getting crafty for father's day : DIY kites

With Father's Day right around the corner, we thought it was the perfect time for a little craft that you could do with your kid! Bonus: it can be a gift for dads AND a fun little activity for Father's Day! So, grab a few supplies, and let's have some fun!


Materials: skewers, tape, string, tissue paper, glue stick, scissors, needle and ribbon for decoration


Step 1. Layout your skewers in the size that you want for your kite

Step 1

2. Tie off the center stabilizers and tape the supporting skewers

3. Cut out a piece of tissue paper the size of your kite with a 1-2 inch boarder

Step 3

4. Cut thick fringe on the edges and glue the tabs around the skewers. Continue this around all four edges.

Step 4

5. Place the glue side down on another piece of tissue and repeat steps 3 and 4. Adding more layers helps to strengthen your kite! The more you add the stronger it gets!

6. Once you have finished your layering (we liked 4 layers the best) you can use your needle and thread to poke through and around your stabilizer at the top (its best if you can thread it through the tape so it does not tear). Tie this off and then do the same at the bottom. Keep some slack between the two ties, this is what you can hold onto to fly your kite.

7. Add a tail! This can be anything you want! We used ribbon, yarn and bows!

Step 7

8. Decorate! Paint and stickers work great!

9. Take it outside and give it a shot!

Step 9

Step 9

We hope you guys all give it a shot, we had the best time letting our little guys decorate these kites!

We know we have already introduced you on previous posts, but this brilliant idea is all thanks to our absolutely incredible intern, Jordan Key! Not only is she an awesome designer, but we have uncovered a craft genius! She's basically our very own in-house Martha Stewart and we are so lucky to have her! Thanks Jordan for coming up with this fun activity and for your daily brilliance!!!