getting crafty: painted candle holder

OK, this project will make you want to host a dinner party just so you can do this fun DIY and then show it off! Thanks as always, Laura, for sharing it with us!
I'm preparing to host a dinner party this weekend and wanted to make something special for the table and with fall arriving, I thought about candles. I easily transformed a block of wood into a fun candle holder that can be personalized for any occasion!

Material: rectangle office label stickers, paint brush, six paint colors, wood block approximate size is 10 x 2 x 2 (found in the wood carving section of a craft store), power drill (not shown), 3/4" drill bit (not shown)

First mark where you want the candles to go and drill the appropriate holes. You'll want to choose a drill bit coresponding to the bottom of your candle to ensure a snug fit. For this example, a 3/4" drill bit is shown. Make as many holes as you want.

Next, using a pencil loosely mark out 2" sections across the block on one side. This will be where you will paint five sections to be revealed later.

Once marked, paint each space a different color. These sections don't have to match up perfectly, so just paint an area larger than the sticker you will adhere later.

After the paint is dry, adhere one sticker per painted area as seen in the photo below. Press and smooth the sticker firmly to ensure good contact.

Then paint the entire wood block one color (gold shown here). Once the outer layer of paint is dry, gently peel away the stickers to reveal the painted areas underneath.

Grab your candles and you're ready to help decorate your table!