Getting ready for Baby #2

Carrie here. I am coming to you live from week 38 (and a half, but who's counting) of pregnancy with baby #2. I am so excited, but I essentially feel like I have a little ticking time bomb attached to me at this point. :) I could go into labor at any moment so I'm scrambling to get ready. I thought I'd share a few little round-ups with you over the next few days of things I'm doing to prepare for our new arrival. I'll start with some of the (very few) items we've gotten for baby. With this being our second, and not knowing the gender, we haven't really purchased very much. Plus, we're kind of in limbo right now in our house as we prepare for a remodel. So, our nursery this time around basically consists of a set of tupperware drawers in our bedroom and a few drawers taken over in Emmett's room next door. Not a lot of real estate for extra stuff, but we're banking on the baby not giving that too much thought.

Not knowing whether we'll be having a boy or girl, we need to be prepared with twice as many names (not so easy for us this time around, for some reason) and also like having 2 going home outfits ready at the hospital. How cute are these striped and checkered options? and every mom baby needs a new toy or two. Socks are something that you can never have enough of and half of the pairs we had last time around are down to one sock. I took Emmett out to pick something special for the new baby and he went straight to his old favorite, Sophie the Giraffe. I thought it was sweet to see him pick something he had loved so much for his new baby sister/ brother. We used these sleep sacks so much the first time around that the velcro is almost wearing out so we got an extra (much more fun now that they even have cute patterns). And... once we do finally have a nursery for this little one, I can't even resist the cuteness of this canvas! Noticing that baby #2 is going to be subjected immediately to my love of color and pattern. I guess it's best to get him/ her used to it right off the bat!