Getting Ready for Baby #2

Carrie here, still hanging in there at 39 weeks today! As we have gotten closer and closer to our due date one thing that I continue to think about is how having another baby will affect Emmett. It is so hard for me to imagine him not being our only little guy. I get really sentimental thinking that I'll have less one-on-one time with him so soon. I just want to do everything I can to make the transition as positive as possible.

One thing I think will really win him over are a few gifts from the baby, namely a new Thomas engine that he has been wanting for months. I think a new big brother shirt will make him feel important, too! Then, I also rounded up a little goody bag of things to keep him entertained while we're in the hospital. Plus, I'm hoping these will come in handy when I'm tending to the baby and don't have a free hand. Some activities I threw in there: crayons, stickers, a sticker book, scented bubbles, a magna doodle, color wonder markers and activity book and then a few snacks. We've been talking a lot about him being a big brother and having been trying to talk up the special things he gets to do since he's a "big boy" and this book has been a good one for helping with that. I'd love to hear any advice for introducing a new baby to an older sibling. A few good things I've read are to not be holding the baby when the older sibling comes to visit in the hospital for the first time, but to have him/ her in the bassinet instead, and also that we should record their first meeting. I love both of those ideas!