how to make heart-shaped crayons

I'll just come clean from the start, my cute mom is the one who came up with this idea and, of course, executed it to perfection. If I haven't mentioned on here before, my mom is Martha Stewart's clone. She can come up with and make anything you could imagine. So, I was not the least bit surprised to come home one afternoon after she was hanging out with my 2 year old son, to find that they had made these heart-shaped crayons together. She used all of my old crayons from when I was a kid, so it's even sentimental that my son is now getting to play with a new and improved form of the very crayons I learned to color with. So, although I didn't do these steps myself this time, they are SO easy, that I (the very non-Martha Stewart daughter) can walk us all through them!

All you need is:

1. a bunch of crayons


2. some silicone mini-heart baking cups. {If you're local, go get them at Pryde's Old Westport, if not, you can find them online}

And the steps are SO easy. Just chop or break up the crayons after you have removed the paper wrappers. Even better if you have a bunch of old crayons that are already in small pieces-this is a perfect way to reuse them!

Fill the mini heart-cups with your chopped crayons and bake in the oven at 200 degrees for about 5-7 minutes (no more than 10). It's easiest to just watch them and when they appear melted, pull them out, let them cool and voila! Brand new heart-shaped crayons!

My son has been loving them because as he uses them, different colors of crayons keep popping up! Well, it's all thanks to my mom, but I hope this gives you guys a great and EASY idea for a Valentine's Day activity or little gift!

Happy Heart Day

– Morgan