M Magazine feature: April 2012

hey, hey, everyone! we sure hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
We're thrilled to be kicking off the week by sharing a feature in M Magazine, the magazine for kansas city moms!
We have to just start by saying that this particular magazine is truly one of a kind. The ridiculously smart and beyond cool editor, Susan Cannon, and her talented team, continue to stay on top of all of the things a modern mother really wants to know! For real. It truly is our go-to magazine for the cool things to do in KC for any particular season, what's hot in the toy world, the decor and styling ideas are always our favorite and M always stays abreast of a wide range of skills and activities for our little ones and their development. Not to mention, M does a great job of keeping things as green as can be, like some of the tips for picking natural and organic art supplies in this issue! Speaking of, The April 2012 issue is the second annual Art Issue and we couldn't be more excited to be included and grace the same pages of a few of the many artists we admire in this city!!
Our mission was to create some desserts for the kiddos, so naturally, as the graphic designers that we are...we headed for a graphic stripe and lettering! We put together a multi-colored striped jell-o parfait and rainbow-colored alphabet cookies! Don't you think the kids would love them? They seem to always want to try things that have the craziest colors!
So, if you're local, make sure to pick up this month's magazine so you can find out a little more about us....ok, really just so you can get the recipe details :)
(Plus-you can always sign-up for subscription right here)
A huge T H A N K S to Susan Cannon, Tiffany Killoren, Elizabeth Haworth, and Judy Revenaugh for having us in this issue. We had a blast collaborating with you!
-Morgan & Carrie