Introducing Art School Totes!


Sometimes we design things with other people in mind, and sometimes we just design the exact damn thing that we want and need in our lives for ourselves… and of course hope you love them too!! That’s exactly what we did with our new Art School Totes.

They are all handmade - printing and assembly - right here in Kansas City! We partnered with Sandlot Goods to bring these to life because 1) we only wanted the best quality bags and 2) they happen to be very good people and friends!

Check out the neon yellow embroidery on the side pocket and the discreet little “Made in Kansas City” embossed on the handle. We’re LOVING these details!


We carry ours EVERYwhere! Sometimes its our laptop bag, sometimes its our park date bag, sometimes its a stand in for our purse. Whatever you turn it into, we just hope you love them as much as we do!


Fab photos by Kyndall Durkee

Perfect model moves by Bethany Hughes

Styling by both members of that fab duo!