outtakes & updates

Hi friends! We thought it was high time we shared a little update with you!

You might've noticed things are a little different around here...and by different, we mean, the posting on the blog has gotten a little more seldom. We pour our heart and soul into our posts and spend a lot of time scouring the the web, magazines, and the real world for great things to share with you, but we are needing to cut back a little bit to catch up on our workload. We don't want to sacrifice the quality of posts we do by forcing ourselves to do them when we don't have enough time to do the quality we want....so, the posting has become a little less frequent, but hopefully still great eye candy and inspiration for you all! We so appreciate our readers and love the relationships we've built through this blog, so we hope you keep coming back!

On a side note...we thought we'd share a few outtakes from the photo shoot for our bio photo! Clearly, we were having a good time! Thanks again to Emily Perkins and Erin Cobb for being our photographers!