Premium Planners for Blue Sky // Academic Year 2019-2020

We’ve got a new collection of planners with Blue Sky for the 19/20 academic year and they are something special! These are our first in the premium line and if you’re a planner person - oh. my. word. You’ve GOT to check them out!

They come in four sizes and two formats, monthly weekly and monthly daily. Regardless of size, all of them come with our reliable reference calendars and customer favorite features now in NEW premium finishes!


All of our monthly spreads are marked with laminated tabs and have reference calendars to review the past and future months. With all 2019-2020 designer planners, you’ll also enjoy unique add-ons such as our snap-in ruler bookmark to flip to your current week quickly and find important pages fast with three magnetic bookmarks that coordinate with every design! The premium line is available exclusively at