Premium Planners with Blue Sky


We have something special to announce today!!! An ultra-premium, limited-edition planner collection with Blue Sky!

Long before we began our partnership with Blue Sky, we were planner-girls. The two of us have always had a strong appreciation for a nicely organized and well-designed planner, so when we began to partner with Blue Sky years ago, it felt as if it was meant to be. The idea that we get to apply our artwork in these premium quality materials, like pebbled vegan leather, screen-printed fabric, and high gloss ink, to planners that let people express their own personal style on a daily basis is a bit of a dream come true! We couldn't be more thrilled to share this latest, and dare we say, greatest, planner collection with you!! Find it exclusively at!

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Blue Sky’s Premium Planner is designed to simplify your life. Each section replaces the need for a separate planner, using their All-In-One planning system to solve the problem of juggling multiple organizing tools. It has a section for monthly and weekly planning that includes a weekly to-do list, goal setting, and note taking, plus a notebook section, contacts pages, and a pocket for storage. The Premium Planner aims to streamline your busy professional and personal plans, helping you meet your goals along the way.

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