tea is the new coffee

Could it be true? Are we all going to make like the Brits and do a full on switch from coffee to tea? All we have to say is, there sure are some pretty irresistible tea accessories out there to urge us along! {1. tea pot with knitted sleeve 2. embossed cream and sugar 3. a fabric covered notebook made from one of our very own fabric designs 4. and a fabric napking (so easy to make) also made from one of our very own fabrics! 5. "i love you blogs & tea" 6. oh joy! teaspoon set at leif 7. Eva Solo Tea bag)

(Psst...if you are wondering how to get any of our tea-inspired fabrics for yourself, see the whole collection here and just click on the link above your favorite swatch to see a list of stores that will be carrying it soon!)