the color run

I got the lucky opportunity to do The Color Run here in Kansas City on Saturday! My sister registered many months ago for herself and her husband, but then her husband had to work on Saturday. This was a major bummer for him, but when she asked me to take his place, I was thrilled. It was the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Everyone comes to the starting line with a white shirt and along the 5K course, there are stations set up at each kilometer where you get pelted with technicolor! At the finish line, there was also a stage with awesome music and more dumping of color. The clouds you see in the photos above are just the color powder filling the sky. It was a visual extravaganza, to be sure and I may have gone a little overboard with the photo-taking! AND..please check out the adorable t-shirts my sister MADE for us! She claims they're easy to do, but I'm not so sure. They were so cool just white but then, in the rainbow colors they got even better! If Color Run comes to your city, I would jump on it. In Kansas City, 28,000 people did the run between the two days (Saturday and Sunday). Locally, money was donated to the Ronald McDonald House.