we heart KC: Kemper Museum Gala Patron's Party

So, last week we were super lucky to get to attend the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art's 2012 Gala Patron's Party! It was INCREDIBLE! It was hosted and planned to perfection by Time Warner Cable and Moxi Events! It took place in a beautiful historic home close to the heart of Kansas City. Chef Jennifer Maloney prepared the most incredible food and cocktails were prepared by the Traveling Cocktail Club! Wanna know our favorite part?? Celebrity guests Jonathan Adler and Genevieve Gorder were in attendance!!!!! Ahhh! Two of our favorite designers!! We were freaking out at the chance to get to actually meet them both!! And to be honest, we sort of thought that even though they would be at the same party, that we would never get to actually meet them...but WE DID! And they were both so hilarious and fun to talk to! Both so down-to-earth and approachable!

We were dying to hear about what a day in the life for Jonathan Adler was like (aren't we all?)...we assumed that he would tell us all about his crazy work hours and how he never sleeps, but he gave us some hope letting us know that when he first started out, it was much that way, but now his world is much less crazy.

Hanging out with Genevieve was like hanging out with an old friend! She actually has a graphic design degree (as do we), so we got to chat about design school days and learn all about what she's up to next--you guys, she just about to released a new line of rugs! Hello dream job!!

The whole night was such a dream!