We've Got Gift Wrap!!

Ampersand Gift Wrap

You might've seen some sneak peeks on instagram, but today we're here to officially announce our new line of GIFT WRAP!!!! Pattern is our obsession. Like, we can't turn it off. We see pattern in everything. Plus, did you know we used to be gift wrap designers at Hallmark Cards? It's true. So really, we're not sure why it's taken us so long to launch our own line, but we're all official now! Ampersand Gift Wrap is here! It's beautiful quality paper, thick enough that you can't see through it, but not so thick that's difficult to wrap with. Tape holds to it nicely, it creases just how you want it to--we put it through ALL of the tests and settled on the perfect paper! And of course we painted and designed our little hearts out to curate the perfect collection of patterns!

Ampersand Holiday Gift WrapAmpersand Design Studio Gift Wrap

Of course we couldn't release a line of gift wrap around the holidays without giving you some perfect holiday designs, too! But keep in mind, lots of the patterns could be holiday with all the right trims! The blue shibori is gorgeous mixed with coppers and silvers! And the emerald shibori is perfection paired with gold! The mint squiggles looks fab with pink and red for holiday, but we've also been using it for baby gifts! We can't wait to see what you do with it! Tag your packages on insta with #AmpersandGiftWrap so we can see what you create!Ampersand Gift WrapAmpersand Gift WrapAmpersand Gift Wrap

Ampersand Gift Wrap
Ampersand Gift Wrap Ampersand Gift Wrap