we've MOVED!!

If you follow us on facebook or our instagrams, this is totally old news to you, but we feel like nothing is really official until we announce it on our blog, our little home on the world wide web! So wanted all of our dear Ampersand friends to know, it's official....WE'VE MOVED!! That's right, we're moving on up....or, we suppose we should say down, as in right in the heart of our city, downtown in the middle of the Crossroads Arts District! Our new building is at 18th & Central, covered in gorgeous vines and just down the street from the Kauffman Performing Arts Center! We absolutely LOVE our new home and would love it if any of our Kansas City friends stopped by anytime!

Here's a little shot of the door you'll come in. Pretty, right?

And, here's our darling, cherry red freight elevator that we fell in love with, but will be perfectly happy to NOT load a single additional thing into that 4ft jump for a while. We're taking some time to get settled and we'll surely be sharing the evolution of the new space with you all!