Wag your tail!! Ampersand + The Foggy Dog

We have admired The Foggy Dog for a long time, but we REALLY fell in love with the company when we were on the search for high-quality, well-designed pet products for our new puppies a couple of years ago! The on-trend colors and patterns are what really sold us!! Now, we are so fortunate to collaborate with The Foggy Dog to bring this colorful, playful heart pattern to life! 

All of these goodies are proudly crafted in the USA. In fact, almost everything is made right in San Francisco! And...BONUS: every time you purchase from The Foggy Dog, they donate half a pound of food to rescue shelters across America. Thank you for helping us help them!

Pick one, or get them all: Bandana, Lady Bow CollarLady Bow, Dog Collar, Bow Tie Collar, Bow Tie, Bow Srunchie (duh, so you can twin with your best friend)!