Wall Art Launch Party at No Vacancy

Launching a new collection of wall art that can be customized in several sizes and framing options has been a long time dream of ours. Little known fact: although we have a variety of items in our shop now, our very first item to be sold was wall art! It was our neon ampersand screen prints on chipboard. Wall art was our very beginning and it feels good to return to our original passion but with a newly refreshed and sophisticated look at what we would want to put in our own homes. Ampersand tends to evolve with us and what state we are in our own lives. We realized we’re looking for permanent pieces in our homes. We wanted beautiful, high-quality frames. We had a desire to keep the art fun and bold. We wanted some statement pieces. We couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for, so we knew it was time to create a collection of our own!


In July, we hosted our Wall Art Launch Party to share the very first look at our new line!

Our new pieces got to live in the perfectly curated rooms and hallways of No Vacancy hotel and it was nothing short of magical!!

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Thanks to all who stopped by. It was so great to either catch up or get to meet, every single one of you! And, we're especially grateful you all committed to braving the torrential downpour of rain that magically stopped just in time for the party!
cheers to all of our partners who helped make this evening so wonderful:
• the most gorgeous location: @no_vacancy hotel
individual charcuterie cups: @spread_kc
• freshly mixed cocktails: @mike_snack
• beer by @stellaartoisusa
• perfectly captured moments by by @somewheresupernova, (also known as @littlefixations)
• marketing genius by @nous___studio